Automatic Mdk3 On Kali Linux

MDK3 is a wireless tool which comes packaged in Backtrack and Kali distros. It doesn’t seem to be available via package managers in other distros but the tarball can be downloaded here. For the purposes of this tutorial we will be assuming you are working with the Kali distro. Some of these commands would require sudo under other distros as in Kali you run as root, we’ll include the sudo command where it would be necessary.

The program is very versatile and contains a great many options which take advantage of various weaknesses in the 802.11 protocol. It should be considered a proof of concept exploit tool and should not be run without the permission of the network owner. However, when working with a home lab setup it is very useful in developing an understanding of how wifi works and how vulnerable wifi networks can be. With the increasing adoption of wifi within business, attacks which gain entry over wifi are becoming more common and wifi penetration testing is now a skill in demand. Over a series of blog posts we’ll look at wifi and tools used to test it, but for now back to MDK3.

As I’ve said MDK3 has a variety of options, amongst its uses include options to perform a DoS attack by sending multiple authentication packets; sending deauthentication packets which kick computers off a network and an option to try a variety of known MAC addresses to authenticate to a network while dynamically changing the timeout period.

MDK3 does not have a man page and info won’t help either. It’s basic options can be listed simply by typing:

mdk3 <interface> <test_mode> [test_options]

Try mdk3 --fullhelp for all test options
Try mdk3 --help <test_mode> for info about one test only

But i will give you script automatic mdk3

How to use automatic mdk3
1. chmod +x
2. ./

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